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Monthly Archives: November 2010

A bunch of us were grabbing for it. We acted like if we didn’t get it, we would die. And the problem is the supply was less than the demand. Which means that there was one person who had it and the rest of us needed to get a hold of it.

In a room full of techies with iphones, everyone was reaching for the one charger that someone remembered to bring. It’s interesting no matter how many apps we all had, without charge, the whole phone is useless.

As a proud iphone user, I do wish the charge held longer. I wish I could talk all day long and surf all day long and text all day long without having to charge up. But it really needs to be plugged in frequently.

I guess you and I are like iphones. As many abilities and gifts and talents, without getting charge frequently we will be useless. Look good but useless. We are all charge junkies.


Are you willing to be like John the Baptist? He seemed like a guy who lived on the edge. Think about it – walking around wearing camel’s hair. Eating locusts and wild honey. Down by the Jordan preaching and baptizing people.

Are you willing to be like John the Baptist? He would tell it like it is. Call out people for their sins. He didn’t care who you were – common person or ruler…if you were wrong he would tell you about it. “Woe” was his favorite word.

Are you willing to be like John the Baptist? He had followers. I want followers who are unpaid. It’s hard enough to keep paid help around (I’m on my 7th administrative assistant in 5 years!). But John had people who followed him around.

But when I say are you willing to be like John I mean are you willing to take all your credibility and following and popularity and transfer it over to someone else. “He must increase but I must decrease.” He’s better than me. I need to take a step back.

Well that’s what we all need to do not just in human relationships but in our walk with God. We need to learn to let Him call the shots, take over, take the lead….and simply play the background.

Quick question – name one of the Pips who sang with Gladys Knight. I guess for all of us that would be the greatest compliment – if people saw Jesus’ character in us and forgot who we were….because we were playing the background.

Check out this video.


As I sit here writing this blog, I wonder if instead of providing a solution, I am contributing to the problem. What problem? The problem of too many words.

I went to a bookstore today and realized there were so many books that I was planning to read that I have not yet. Then I saw others that screamed at me “READ ME.” So I left thinking I have a lot of reading to get to from the books here at the bookstore.

Later on this evening I visited my local library and saw a bunch of books I want/need to read. I borrowed two of them. I left much more there that I need to borrow and read another time.

When I got home, I saw two books at home I started reading but didn’t complete….got to get back to them. I also remembered I have a book on my desk at the office that I need to finish (along with a bunch on my shelf).

Add to that, the stuff in those wonderful magazines that are piling up in that place my wife hates that I leave them. Got to read them some day.

And if that’s not enough, every day I see more articles online that I want to read. There just seems to be too many words! Will it ever stop so I can catch up?

Well this is not a blog with an answer…just my random thoughts to add to the word overload in this world…

Glad that there’s only one WORD that became flesh and came near and among us….I can handle that or better yet He can handle me.

Tonight I had an opportunity to worship God among fellow believers. It was anything but the traditional setting or liturgy (order of service).

For fear of being ridiculed, I’m going to admit that I just left a gospel hip hop concert which turned into a worship experience. It was amazing to see all the worshipers gathered there from different races, ages etc and exerting so much energy in praise to God.

It blew me away. I was totally blessed. My friend who came along with me arrived late because his son was singing at another concert – a hymn singing concert. He experienced two totally different ends of the spectrum.

It begs the question, which one was better, more holy and acceptable to God. They both can’t be, can they?

May I submit that God is ok with variety and they are both acceptable and holy to Him. Can it be that God’s ipod has hymns and hip hop (gospel) on it at the same time? Will he accept slow and meditative as well as fast, loud and head banging?

Well I’m naive enough to believe that if He could choose to create summer and winter, giraffes and ants, that He can speak through all different genres of music….

I can’t wait to get to heaven and borrow God’s ipod…It may surprise us all what’s on there.