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A bunch of us were grabbing for it. We acted like if we didn’t get it, we would die. And the problem is the supply was less than the demand. Which means that there was one person who had it and the rest of us needed to get a hold of it.

In a room full of techies with iphones, everyone was reaching for the one charger that someone remembered to bring. It’s interesting no matter how many apps we all had, without charge, the whole phone is useless.

As a proud iphone user, I do wish the charge held longer. I wish I could talk all day long and surf all day long and text all day long without having to charge up. But it really needs to be plugged in frequently.

I guess you and I are like iphones. As many abilities and gifts and talents, without getting charge frequently we will be useless. Look good but useless. We are all charge junkies.


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