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I was born in the most happening place in the world, Brooklyn, New York. The reason for my accent is that my family moved to the island of Trinidad when I was 2 years old and I lived there until finished with High School.

I like sports (all except hockey) – Go Lakers, Yankees, Jets. I like chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cookies – in short, everything with chocolate. Enjoy good music, reading, mowing the lawn (quite relaxing) and winning every time I play board games like Taboo and Guesstures.

I love and adore God – Just the most awesome being to get to know. Can’t get enough of God.

I love Kerine, my wife. She is my best friend, biggest cheerleader and most real person I know (she tells it like it is!). I love my children – Jaden (comedian in the making), Janiah (she’s too sweet) & Joelle (the real boss in the house).

I love my job – Imagine I get paid to work with the most talented people in the world – Christian young people.

  • Here’s what I fear:

Ø Dogs (any kind, any size, does not matter if they never bit anyone before).

Ø Falling asleep in public (have you seen me sleep).

Ø Falling asleep while driving.

Ø The boggie man.

  • I wish I could:

Ø Dunk (needs just 2 more inches on his jump)

Ø Play the piano like Pastor Cryston Josiah

Ø Make everyone give their lives to Jesus and live right

Because you are probably wondering yes I graduated from college, St John’s University, with a degree in Actuarial Science and then from Andrews University with a Masters of Divinity.

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