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Tonight I had an opportunity to worship God among fellow believers. It was anything but the traditional setting or liturgy (order of service).

For fear of being ridiculed, I’m going to admit that I just left a gospel hip hop concert which turned into a worship experience. It was amazing to see all the worshipers gathered there from different races, ages etc and exerting so much energy in praise to God.

It blew me away. I was totally blessed. My friend who came along with me arrived late because his son was singing at another concert – a hymn singing concert. He experienced two totally different ends of the spectrum.

It begs the question, which one was better, more holy and acceptable to God. They both can’t be, can they?

May I submit that God is ok with variety and they are both acceptable and holy to Him. Can it be that God’s ipod has hymns and hip hop (gospel) on it at the same time? Will he accept slow and meditative as well as fast, loud and head banging?

Well I’m naive enough to believe that if He could choose to create summer and winter, giraffes and ants, that He can speak through all different genres of music….

I can’t wait to get to heaven and borrow God’s ipod…It may surprise us all what’s on there.