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Are you willing to be like John the Baptist? He seemed like a guy who lived on the edge. Think about it – walking around wearing camel’s hair. Eating locusts and wild honey. Down by the Jordan preaching and baptizing people.

Are you willing to be like John the Baptist? He would tell it like it is. Call out people for their sins. He didn’t care who you were – common person or ruler…if you were wrong he would tell you about it. “Woe” was his favorite word.

Are you willing to be like John the Baptist? He had followers. I want followers who are unpaid. It’s hard enough to keep paid help around (I’m on my 7th administrative assistant in 5 years!). But John had people who followed him around.

But when I say are you willing to be like John I mean are you willing to take all your credibility and following and popularity and transfer it over to someone else. “He must increase but I must decrease.” He’s better than me. I need to take a step back.

Well that’s what we all need to do not just in human relationships but in our walk with God. We need to learn to let Him call the shots, take over, take the lead….and simply play the background.

Quick question – name one of the Pips who sang with Gladys Knight. I guess for all of us that would be the greatest compliment – if people saw Jesus’ character in us and forgot who we were….because we were playing the background.

Check out this video.