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As I sit here writing this blog, I wonder if instead of providing a solution, I am contributing to the problem. What problem? The problem of too many words.

I went to a bookstore today and realized there were so many books that I was planning to read that I have not yet. Then I saw others that screamed at me “READ ME.” So I left thinking I have a lot of reading to get to from the books here at the bookstore.

Later on this evening I visited my local library and saw a bunch of books I want/need to read. I borrowed two of them. I left much more there that I need to borrow and read another time.

When I got home, I saw two books at home I started reading but didn’t complete….got to get back to them. I also remembered I have a book on my desk at the office that I need to finish (along with a bunch on my shelf).

Add to that, the stuff in those wonderful magazines that are piling up in that place my wife hates that I leave them. Got to read them some day.

And if that’s not enough, every day I see more articles online that I want to read. There just seems to be too many words! Will it ever stop so I can catch up?

Well this is not a blog with an answer…just my random thoughts to add to the word overload in this world…

Glad that there’s only one WORD that became flesh and came near and among us….I can handle that or better yet He can handle me.