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This will not be a long blog (this is usually followed by a long blog…but not this time). I am here at summer camp and as always I’m extremely busy here.

The summer has been extremely hectic for me with Camp Meeting, a Mission Trip and Summer Camp. I’ve lived out of a suitcase more times that I care to count and slept out of my own bed. Haven’t eaten my wife’s amazing cooking for a while and have not spent as much time with my family as I would like.

Now with all that considered and I would love to be more at home, God gives moments to remind me that He is leading my ministry and there’s a joy in service. On Friday night we had campers make decisions to live for Jesus. They also wrote letters to their parents telling them about those decisions and how they want to grow in Christ.

Let me just say whatever you may think of this generation of youth, I can testify that they have an insatiable hunger after God and a thirst to do His will. Behind all the tough exteria and electronic overdependence, kids want to serve Jesus. I’m convinced because of what they wrote. It brought tears to my eyes. And right there God reminded me “That’s the reason why you do it.”


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